a bit late cause I already did Some list but a few days ago I figured out most people introduce Themselfs to LI.ST 😮
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    My name is Tom and im 21 years of age
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    Im from the Netherlands, really close to the border of Germany (the pink Area above the orange one) 🇳🇱
    If you tought about visiting The Netherlands ummm just dont cause its boring af!! Maybe only Amsterdam is worth your time
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    On my Side my Linda Colombiana princesa 👸🏻
    Im blessed only thing I have to say 🙏🏼
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    Kinda sweet right? 😂
    Did I already Said im blessed?
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    I love Sports
    Basketbal, Soccer, Cycling, Tennis and Boxing are my favorites. OKC OKC OKC💯
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    Other thing I love is hiphop
    Big big big love for music and especially hiphop!! Kanye West, Drake, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar and on and on 🔥
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    What you wouldnt expect....I love art, mostly Impressionism With artist like; Claude Monet and Paul Signac
    Maybe its kinda unexpected cause my other hobby's buuuut year I love classic art
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    Im in College and im studying for being a teacher on a Elemantary school
    Love kids and I think its going to be Great to teach them 📓
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    Always Busy With fashion 👁
    Clothes make the man
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    You can wake me up for....
    They should be a little bit melted 🍩
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    Wearing dress hat a lot/being a ninja tho
    Like the hiphop kind of fashion
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    Just check out my account to see what other things I like
    Such as favorite movies, series, NBA players and on and on