Bucketlist of things I want to do With Gf

  1. Travelling together
    Latin countrys and Balkan
  2. Going to the cinema (yup still didnt)
    Romantic movie, lot of popcorn
  3. Staying a weekend together in a hotel or park
    Centerparks prob
  4. Going to a football game together
    FC Twente or Maybe GAE
  5. Glow in the dark midgetgolf
    Playing glowgolf in Enschede
  6. Going to the beach
    Relaxing on the beach and making Walk down the sea
  7. Going to a Zoo
    Probably in Arnhem or Emmen
  8. Dolfinarium ✅
    Zoo With only sea animals
  9. Picknick ✅
    Chillin besides a rivier With smoothies and food
  10. Bowling ✅
    With Some (alcoholic) drinks on the Side
  11. Forest Walk ✅
    Walking in the nature
  12. Watching Empire together
    Cuz its the best serie ever made
  13. Going to the swimming pool together
    Need to Workout first 😂😭
  14. Shopping together
    Probably Amsterdam or Bataviastad/Lelystad
  15. Chocolade fondue
    With strawberrys, marshmallows enzv