Weird facts about Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Who Pablo? el mayor distribuidor de drogas alguna vez , que es la razón por la que el sol es la cocaína droga popular . bien vamos a empezar, Pablo Escobar
  1. At his peak he earned 420 million a week....okay wait..let me repeat this...420 MILLION A WEEK!!!!! 💸
    So....what you do with 420 million a week...this is just cray af
  2. We talk about 30 billion a year....let I aint even gonna repeat this...but it is not a "M" but a "B" yeah....💰
    In the previous one I could say, you do the math....but here you got it, 30 billion thats 30 times the picture
  3. So you have to put your money together and you need little rubber bands....when your name is Pablo Escobar you need for 2500 dollar of little rubber bands!!! 😨
    Mmm I dont think he used lovely colors but yeaaaah....2500 dollar I dont even have that much atm 😂
  4. About 10% of the money was eaten by rats 🐭
    Wtf did he say?? Did he really said?!! yeahhh I Said rats...there was to much money in the houses so the rats had to eat through it. They probably not as cute like this one
  5. Pablo did use many planes to get the cocaïne in Miami, a pilot could get a profit of 500.000 dollar 😅
    Thats damn much when you a pilot in Colombia...try to say no against such an offer if you have no other options...and yeah PLATO O PLOMO
  6. On their peak the Medellín Cartel smuggling about 15 tons of Cocaïne into America a day 🌨
    Thats the weight of 2 elephants....cocaïne in the weight 1 day 🤔 on the picture is 7 so that is not even half as much
  7. Pablo als had a special plane for the Money ✈️💵
    The plane flew from Colombia to America and from America to Colombia only to transport the money, the plane had space for about 10 million dollar. At his prime he made way more money then he had space in his plane.
  8. Pablo is the reason that there are hippos in Colombia 😂
    Okay this one is really funny! Pablo had made a zoo for him and his family. When he died the zoo deteriorated and the hippos broke free....nowaday the hippos have rapidly multiplied. Okay its a bit funny but also bad for the nature of Colombia
  9. he offered to pay the debt of 10 billion for Colombia as exchange to change the law about extradition 🇨🇴
    He was so scared of going to American prison that he offered about 10 billion...10 billion for changing the law
  10. La Catedral....his own made prison 🏡
    he made this "prison " to ensure that he would be cant even name it a prison and from there he just continued the business
  11. Inside of La Catedral 🖥
    You may say its just a house...he even had a kitchen
  12. Narcos 🎥
    So why did I delve into the life of Pablo Escobar? Cause I just started Narcos!! And I have to say I already loving it, really well played en interesting serie. I highly recommend it.