Sometimes we forget that the windows are open.
  1. Any one sided conversation I have with our cat, Ruth. While I am sure she loves being called "my dainty delicate big boned ballerina" this may be slightly odd for my neighbors to overhear.
  2. My Boyfriend and I handfeeding our saltwater fish tanks. We name all of our anemones by color. " I think orange looks hungry. Really? You think blue needs more fish? He's kind of a big boy."
  3. Any conversation we might have if I am cranky as Brandon likes to call me "Mr Crankypoopypants" if I am even the slightest bit cranky.
  4. Our conversations regarding the way our boy cat, Johnny ,treats our girl cat, Ruth. "Johnny is such a dick. He is an abusive dick to Ruth. Otherwise he is such a good Mister. What a good Mister!"
  5. Basically every conversation we have.