The controlled or uncontrolled movement of your backside is always a good thing
  1. To the rhythm
    This assumes you have rhythm. Some of you do, some of you don't. So what? Shake that meat to the syncopated beat.
  2. In the car
    Let me tell you, I bounce my ass like Big Freedia when I am on 295 in traffic. Standing up, not so much.
  3. With your Butt Shaking friend
    We all have one, there is photographic proof. Thank God we went through those "everynight at the bar" years in Pre-Facebook times.
  4. While dancing for 2-3hrs straight at a bar
    Referencing the previous item. Then the DJ calls you out and gives you free stuff for how good you were shaking that ass.
  5. In the street for an impromptu dance party
    Just pull the car over to a safe spot and bounce that booty.