Top six albums I like lots and lots

  1. Sam's Town
    It's a daily listen for me. Every track has a certain power and emotion behind it that evolves as you listen through it. Fav track: Why Do I Keep Counting?
  2. Running On Empty
    The first album my dad gave me was this one. One of the earliest pieces of music I remember hearing was Running On Empty when my dad would take my brother and I to school in the morning. Fav track: Rosie
  3. What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
    I'm ashamed to say I only found this album this year. The riffs and beats are simple, but they lyrics on every track stick to your tongue (Norgaard) Fav track: Family Friend
  4. The Boy With The Arab Strap
    I credit my sister to pretty much all of the music that's special to me, and this album is quite special. It's pretty music to listen to during an early morning when you can relax. Fav track: It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career l
  5. The Desired Effect
    Listen to this album when you're home along and go nuts. It's a tasteful mixture between love ballads and songs that make you want to move. Fav track: Between Me and You
  6. Everything In Transit
    The story behind the album alone is astounding. Every track on is different in itself. Each one has a story to be told and heard. It's a modern day classic. Fav track: Rescued