1. I'm happy Bruce Willis helped Haley Joel. If only he could've fixed things with his wife. She was cold and treated him like a ghost.
  2. How did Tim Robbins get out of his cell?
  3. Edward Norton shot himself, but who the hell shot Brad Pitt??
  4. Boy, I hope Mark Hamill saves the galaxy and gets Carrie Fisher in part three.
  5. I bet Soylent green is delicious.
  6. Why was Brad Pitt arrested at the end? I thought Kevin Spacey was the killer??
  7. Stephen Rea and Jaye Davidson make a wonderful couple.
  8. Not only is Anthony Perkins mother killing everyone, but she left a dead woman in his basement.
  9. Wow, I'm so happy Kevin Spacey's limp is cured.
  10. I can't see how Michael Douglas and Sharon Stones relationship won't last.
  11. Charlton Heston found another Statue of Liberty! What are the odds!?
  12. I liked it but, what's up with that sled in the beginning?