1. Dude, no way Back to the Future is better then Back to the Future 2
  2. Of course Leo was stilling dreaming. The top never fell over, it just kept spinning. I don't care that it wobbled a little!
  3. No it wasn't gold! It was Marsellus Wallace's soul in the case!
  4. Daniel Craig is great, no one is saying he isn't. I'm just saying Connery was the original and the best. Sorry bro.
  5. Just because he was pulling names and details from office wall, doesn't mean the events of the movie didn't happen.
  6. 3D is fine but I like 2D more.
  7. It doesn't matter what Bill Murray whispered in her ear! It was their moment! No one else's!
  8. Empire is clearly the best in the trilogy.
  9. AFI switches them up ever few years, but can we all be honest here? Casablanca is way better then Citizen Kane.
  10. Han totally shot first! Lucas messed with the original print!
  11. Harry should have totally ended up with Hermione!
  12. It never happened! It was all in Christian Bale's head!
  13. Clint Eastwood would destroy John Wayne. Destroy.