1. You're sitting in an empty theater. A stranger walks in and sits right next you. Like, seriously dude?
  2. The guy who answers his phone, talking at full volume. You know who you are. Stop it.
  3. The only seat available is the seat underneath the one light that's a little too bright.
  4. A sold out theater and you sit in between two people that hog the arm rest. So you have to sit with both elbows tucked in like a crazy person.
  5. A sold out theater with a broken A/C.
  6. The guy behind you who decides to open his bag of sour patch kids during the quietest scene of the film.
  7. People around you that talk during trailers. Yeah that's right, DONT'T talk during trailers. As soon as the lights go out shut your lips.
  8. Movies that start late. Come on, everybody hates this, I can't be the only one.
  9. People who applaud. You guys realize it's not a stage play right? The actors can't hear you, so you're kind of just clapping for yourself, which is odd.
  10. The guy that gets up right as the movie is starting to go to the bathroom. Dude, seriously, you had like 15min of trailers to go.
  11. Crying babies. And before someone yells at me being a jerk to babies, I'm sorry, you shouldn't be bringing a baby to Hateful Eight. Download it illegally like everybody else.
  12. Sticky floors. I know this is more of an accident then anything else. But come on people, stop dropping your diet cokes.