1. Apple iPad's retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung.
  2. Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.
  3. Apple has over 80,000 employees around the world.
  4. Apple headquarters' employees earn an average of US$125,000 a year.
  5. Apple sold 340,000 iPhones per day in 2012.
  6. Apple earns US$300,000 per minute.
  7. The battery of an Apple Macbook could save you from a gunshot: it's bulletproof.
  8. 60% of apps in the Apple App Store have never been downloaded.
  9. Every Apple iPhone ad displays the time as 9:41 AM, the time Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007.
  10. Steve Jobs did not let his kids use iPads and limited their use of technology to a minimum.