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Showering at other peoples places is hard
  1. Cracked the door to the bathroom
    After donning underwear of course
  2. Stepped into the hallway
  3. Went downstairs
    Stood in living room but there was dog poo so I had to exit
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Thoughts I had while tutoring tonight.
  1. My student could get it if he got drafted
    I'm not too good to be a sunbeam
  2. When I took this class the interface wasn't as cute
    CISM 4 lyfe
  3. 2 more weeks until I'm done with this
    Graduation bih
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  1. The guy from married at first sight has a tinder
    And I had to share the beginning of my friendship breakup convo
  2. Tracy Ellis Ross is dope
    And sometimes you gotta embody #blackgirlmagic
  3. Buzzfeed Be knowing
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Because my best friend is also a narcissist
  1. DIE!
    The rest of this list is just my ghost self haunting the internets.
  2. Listen to more music
    Since I'd have no one to call in the car and grocery store
  3. Obsess over Grey's alone
    She is the Meredith to my Christina
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