As I sit here watching CNN anchors throw the grim news updates and rehashes back an forth I think back on the other global events that have kept me glued to the TV.
  1. Operation Dessert Shield
    The war many think led us to where we are today It was before many of you were born. I know this as I was pregnant with @templetontaylor who is responsible for me being in this site. I sat in bed for three days eating ice cream and watching the news. It was a first for many of us. For me it was first baby - first war.
  2. OJ Simpson from Bronco to Verdict
    I remember the chair I was sitting in for the hours I watched the Bronco chase. Most people can tell you where they were. Then we were all riveted by the trial on Court TV. It was back when we recorded things on VHS if we missed it live. That one actually took up well over a year of absorption. It was pre binge watching. But we all gorged on Court TV and every detail. I still get a thrill when I see Kato Kaelen.
  3. Rodney King Riots
    The only time I've lived in a city where the militia arrived. We were under strict curfew. TV our only way to get news. It was terrifying. We watched swaths of the city burn and then everything shut down. Bad verdict. But so was OJ. I think if OJ had been found guilty the cops might have been too. Or perhaps I'm idealistic
  4. Northridge Earthquake
    In the beginning we only had transistor radios. But as electricity came back the TVs went on.
  5. Princess Diana's Death
    Watched the same footage over and over for days. The world was watching.
  6. JFK Jr's Death
    That one was worse than Diana's. The plane was missing for a few days. It was so dramatic. He was the boy all women my age were in love with from a far. Could have been avoided. More tragedy in Camelot.
  7. 9/11
    Too hideous. Nobody could fathom what had happened. We all knew people who perished. The world has never been the same since and likely never will be. The day that changed all of our futures and certain freedoms forever. The aftershocks are getting louder and stronger.
  8. Indian Ocean Tsunami
    No one had seen anything like it. We all knew someone who was there. 280,000 deaths. It was the day after Christmas. We were in Jamaica. Stayed inside glued to CNN.
  9. Katrina
    How could we have let that happen? Such incompetence on a National level. All of the horror and one just kept watching the same people saying the same things and the same heartbreaking footage.
  10. Mumbai Massacres
    Carnage similar to what we are witnessing now. Hostages. Massive, synchronized shootings in different locales. A major city brought to its knees. I had been going to Mumbai every year for a decade at that time. I had done 2 films there. We were scheduled to go three weeks later. I haven't been back. But not because of that. The footage scared my youngest child so much she refuses to go. So maybe it is because of that.
  11. Boston Bombings
    Didn't leave the house for days. Another one that dragged on. @templetontaylor lived right near the center of it. Couldn't get to her. She couldn't get home. Mother's nightmare. So many lives pointlessly destroyed yet again.
  12. Hurricane Sandy
    We live in the East. It passed by us. Over us. Around us. We never turned off CNN
  13. Malaysian Flight 370
    Planes crash but we usually know where. Everyone's fear of flying that their plane will disappear into thin air. The lack of debris kept the news coverage going longer than the average plane crash.
  14. Charlie Hebdo
    More terrorism- Paris. Free speech, freedom, so much we hold dear. Less then a year ago.
  15. Paris Terrorist Attacks
    After 9/11 the biggest attack on the West. This horrendous deja vu. Watching CNN as I write this.