Oprah is screening her new series Belief tonight.
  1. She invited me to a smaller one in Santa Barbara but I couldn't go cause it was my husbands birthday and it would have been a bad marriage move, even though it was plan A
  2. A year ago this month I was on Super Soul Sunday and I thought she forgot me. Which she might have. But her team is super alert and they remembered. I mean why would she remember me? If you did Oprah. Bless you times a million.
  3. She made the book I wrote with @paulielama2 a bestseller. Without Oprah I might be Betty Draper. Well. OK not likely I don't smoke or look that good. It was a line I used today and I liked the way it sounded.
  4. When my father criticizes me which is pretty common I can utter under my breath I was on Oprah.
  5. She's Oprah. #believe
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