Aside from being an internationally beloved and award winning author, Margaret Atwood is an avid environmentalist. I asked her what she thinks are 5 crucial things we can all do to help preserve the earth.
  1. Plant a pollinator garden. Now if you live in an apt I'm not sure about pollinator window boxes. You may have to convince a friend with a house to do it for you.
  2. Plant milkweed to save the Monarch butterfly. Why milkweed? Why the Monarch? Go to and it explains it. Who knew?
  3. Hemp. A big deal. Not the kind you smoke. The other one. Industrial hemp. We need it. can tell you why and how.
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  4. Bees. We need them. They are dying off. Sign the Avaaz petition. Avaazsavethebees online is how you do it. It's easy. Even if you're allergic to them you can still sign.
  5. Buy a Tesla when you can. If you can. Tesla the way of the future according to Margaret Atwood.