Separately not all together. I'm not making this up
  1. This would be the trailer park version. Costing a mere $23,000. But it's a queen. It also makes you look younger. Maybe it lifts your face while you sleep.
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  2. Can't get comfy on your Serta? Try this. Coming in at 39,000k. It would be the one bedroom apt of the group.
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  3. The three together will set you back 90 grand. The family that sleeps well together stays together. One hopes. 90k is the total 1/2 down payment on a decent house in many cities.
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  4. If you can't sleep here you can't sleep anywhere. The penthouse of mattresses. The 5th Ave of slumber $125,000 before tax, delivery or even a set of sheets. Headboard not included.
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