Today is National Coffee Day. Which makes me happy because usually we tend to have things like National S'mores Day, which sucks unless you're at sleep away camp. But coffee rules. In fact it's the one thing I refuse to give up. They will bury me with coffee and these are a few reasons why. I'm Tracey and I'm a coffee addict.
  1. Alfred's Coffee. Hands down at the moment my favorite place for coffee. The one on Melrose Place. I'm sorry valet parking for a coffee. So LA. So perfect. I love the tables out front. ❤️
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  2. Room service coffee. Is there a greater luxury known to man? Forget a yacht. I take five star room service coffee over most things.
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  3. Museum coffee. I love museums but I get bored quickly. I need and want a coffee. Some people scope out the gift stores I scope out the cafes. Then I plunk myself down.
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  4. Two handers. Those days when you can't decide between iced or hot so you take a walk on the double caffeine side and order both. Then you wonder why you're anxious.
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  5. Coffee machines that make you smile. You know when you find one and you want to move it into your living room?
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  6. My Sylvester General Store thermal cup that keeps my ice coffee icey all day. I can literally nurse one for 4 hours. Plus, Im helping the environment. I put my own coconut almond milk in then take it in and say "fill her up"
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  7. Starbucks in a pinch. Pinch being you're somewhere where your only choices are Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. You're in an airport. You're anywhere where it's diner coffee or Starbucks. You're really in need of some caffeine. But peeps - Pumpkin Spice Latte is not coffee. Ok? It's dessert.
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  8. The coffee you take with you to therapy. Hard to remember therapy without a cardboard cup of over priced stir brewed, fair trade joe, but for me that would be Jack's. Jack's might be The Alfred's of New York. Either way it's a block from my shrink.
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  9. The first cup of the day. Most days my husband brings it to me. It's a two pod Nespresso Livanto, until this month when they introduced Milano, with two types of milk. Warm coconut to mix in, almond for the foam. I'm high maintenance. But I'm full of gratitude.
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