In his book Hamlet's Blackberry William Powers looks to the past and finds the 7 Philosophers of the Screen. You have to read the book to totally get it. But they all felt technology had the potential to be the enemy of creativity, productivity and in some cases sanity. They didn't have snap chat but they had distractions this is how they coped.
  1. Plato. Use distance. Get out of Dodge or Athens as the case may be. Basically find somewhere quiet and chill. Distance yourself from the herd and leave your device at home.
  2. Seneca. Inner space. You have to shut off the outer noise to get in touch with your thoughts and/or creativity.
  3. Gutenberg. Despite the fact he was the Steve Jobs of 1460 he too felt "the technologies of inwardness" were essential for well being . Or perhaps he read too much Seneca. Or maybe he was printing it. Either way it applies.
  4. Benjamin Franklin positive rituals were his thing. They keep you focused. I doubt he would consider checking your Instagram feed 80 times a day a positive ritual. Journaling. Walking. Kite flying. You never know what you will discover.
  5. Thoreau. Walden Zones. You don't need to live in isolation. But try making parts of your house tech free zones.
  6. Marshall McLuhan. Lower the inner thermostat.