Reykjavik has the only museum in the world devoted to penises. Today we stopped by. These are some of my favorite attractions.
  1. The Reindeer penis. Proving Rudolph did not only have a red nose.
  2. The long fined pilot whale penis. Debunking the myth all whales have big dicks and just because you get a long fin doesn't mean you get long everything.
  3. The hooded seal. Proving seals are not Jewish. Despite what you might have heard.
  4. The Harbor porpoise for pure modern design and angles.
  5. The Indian elephant. What's not to like?
  6. The zebra one on the far right. Keeping the black and white theme alive.
  7. The telephone. Helllllooooo
  8. The humpback whale. With a penis that size you can hump any way you want.
  9. This one. I forget who it belongs to. But you'd be a fool to ignore it
  10. The list showing where humans stand in terms of penis size in comparison to other animals. Get over yourselves is what I want to say. Some of you may have the ability to reason but when it comes to being hung you're hanged. 👎
  11. The human penis. All men should be forced to come here for a dose of humility.
  12. The Calderesque mobile. Whimsical yet exciting.
  13. This display. There is something about a penis in a jar.
  14. The letter of promise for organ donation. You wonder about the guy who does this. I would personally stay away from dudes who promise their genitals to museums
  15. The parents who brought their six year old and let him pull on the stuffed animals wieners.
  16. This stuffed elephant. Something to cuddle with on those lonely nights.
  17. The Icelandic National Handbell team that had metal molds made of all their penises.