These are ten of mine. Feel free to add your own.
  1. "My bad" sorry, it sounds like you farted or pooped in your pants. What well educated adult would say my bad? It's OK for anyone under 5 or talking Elmo. Otherwise replace with my mistake, my fault, my error. But not "my bad"
  2. GAME CHANGER - it was alright when it first started getting tossed about. And unlike my bad I have been known to use it. But now it feels tired and like a default expression when one can't be more original. It's fine in the context of sports talk. In terms of life I would like to hear less of it.
  3. YOUR "A" GAME - see Game Changer.
  4. AMAZING - Making an effort to not use it. I became aware of it on my own podcast when I heard myself and my co host @paulielama2 using it anytime we wanted to express excellence of any sort. Then it seemed liked everyone else was using it too And suddenly all you hear is amazing amazing amazing darting around like balls on a pool table. Move to B
  5. ENTREPRENEUR - feels like anyone who doesn't have a nine to five is an entrepreneur. In Hollywood its equivalent is producer. In business its consultant. It's often a stand in for un or underemployed. Not that there are not genuine entrepreneurs. Just not as many as we are led to believe.
  6. GASTROPUB who wants to eat anywhere that calls itself a gastropub? What does it even mean? It's pretentious as well as hopefully misleading. Needs a page one rewrite.
  7. I WOKE UP THIS WAY - really? If you have any doubt about the overuse and abuse of this expression it's # 1,258, 712 times on Instagram. I say if it appears in a song by Beyoncé Kanye or Taylor Swift stay away #beoriginal
  8. AHA MOMENT - only Oprah can use this as often as she wants. She OWNS it. I said it today and wanted to take it back. I'm doing it now - I take back when I said it two hours ago.
  9. LOL I would throw in any text talk you carry over into actual conversation, LMAO, ILY But LOL is borderline offensive. If you can't actually laugh out loud when you are responding to something funny then it's liespeak. Comedy writers will say that's funny. They seldom laugh out loud. If you can't actually laugh don't use initials to simulate it.
  10. SPOILER ALERT not only is it over used it's not nice. You're saying fuck you I'm going to wreck your experience cause I can't keep my mouth shut. But because I'm announcing it it somehow makes me less of an ass hole. Well, no. Especially now that we all watch TV on different schedules it's mean & says I binge faster than you do. #keepquiet