It feels like I spend an hour a day trashing things from my inbox. It feels like I spend another hour unsubscribing. These are just a sampling of what I dumped today.
  1. I don't send flowers this way.
  2. Don't cook much anymore. Don't know how I got in list anyway
  3. Equipment don't need the temptation
  4. Jouer no longer use. I keep telling them.
  5. HankyPanky. I can find them if I need them
  6. Enterpriseplus. I'm a Budget Fast Track girl
  7. Thredup. Hate the site
  8. OneKingsLane. I don't care anymore. Everyday is too much. I haven't opened in 2 years
  9. MiuMiu. When I gave them my email they promised they would not use it. Liar liar purses on fire
  10. Over the theatre for the most part. And never want to see Wicked again
  11. GarnetHill. If I need them I know where to go
  12. ByrdieBeauty. Bye Bye Byrdie
  13. Who What Wear. I cannot read the word Jenner or Kardashian one more time.
  14. The Art Farm. My last time one of my kid went here they were a counselor.
  15. The Thrillest. I don't even know what this is. And why did they feel like they could say Hey Good Looking. I swear I never signed up for this.