Everyone talks about man caving. But girls need to climb under the bear skin, slam the door and bask in solitude from time to time. Tonight I'm girl caving it in a hotel.
  1. Let there be light and it better smell good. Boy caves can smell like a locker - girl caves need to smell like a spa. Light a candle
  2. Bath in your cave. Clean yourself ritualistically and alone. OK ritualistically sounds pretentious, just enjoy the water and the quiet and be clean. Boys in caves tend to throw their clothes on the floor, live in crumbs and stay up all night binging on Walking Dead. We need to pamper and relax.
  3. Dress well for the occasion. If Mad Men taught us anything it was the importance of always wearing good lingerie. You might be alone but the air conditioner salesman could come knocking. Seriously dress for you not just for someone else.
  4. Mood music. Dance if you want. It's your cave you can party if you want to.
  5. Journal. You don't have to. I am. It's relaxing and revealing and a perfect cave activity. You don't want to macrame or do anything too crafty.
  6. Real girls read magazines. The kind they print on paper. They don't have to be girly, just magazines. Tonight I'm reading @LAmag & #SantaBarbaramag. I want to know where to go when I come out.
  7. Eat. If you're caving in a hotel order room service. Salad. No bread. No booze. Cave with low carbs and clarity.
  8. A book. You should cave with a book. I would binge watch something but I only binge in captivity with my mate. George Carlin feels right tonight.
  9. Pamper thyself. Caves are great for giving yourself a facial. The SK II are killer. When you emerge from your cave you will glow.
  10. Do nothing. Stare out the window. Think in quiet and solitude. It's where your creativity comes from. It's replenishing. And go to sleep early. That's what caves are for.