Much of our texting time is devoted to mindlessly staring at the dots in anticipation of the next missive. Or is it mindless?
  1. I kind of miss BBM it was much faster.
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  2. Hurry up the light is about to turn green.
  3. I wish they had an emoji for faster.
  4. I need to get my teeth cleaned.
  5. I shouldn't have said LOL when he was talking about what a dick his boss is.
  6. I wish Siri hadn't typed my cockolences when she said her Aunt died.
  7. It can't take this long to agree to Thai food.
  8. Wait they're gone. They can't be gone he was typing for seven minutes
  9. I should have never taught my mother how to do this.
  10. I've got it HTFU. Hurry The Fuck Up. Think she'll get it.
  11. I knew I shouldn't have had sex with him the first night
  12. Om.....
  13. My therapist was right. I need to work on me first.
  14. If I leave now I can make the 8:00 Alanon meeting in Silverlake.
  15. HTFU does not mean Hide The Food Upstairs. I can't date someone who isn't ironic
  16. I so over share.
  17. I'm coming off as really needy.
  18. Would a picture of my______be totally inappropriate?