1. Is she okay?
    I'll want reassurances that the helpless mother of five I just saved from a merciless band of domestic terrorists is going to be okay. I'll say this through gritted teeth, just off camera, as my body succumbs to several bullet and knife wounds.
  2. Earn this.
    I'll say this to a young Matt Damon just before some P52 tank busters fly overhead and wipe out all the German enemy forces. That kid better have been worth it.
  3. Tell my family I love them.
    Yeah so it's not original, but I'm listing it just in case I die of exhaustion and can't think of anything better when the time comes.
  4. I told you I was sick.
    This will be the lynch pin in the lawsuit that earns my wife and children billions against the most publicized anti-big-pharma/insurance/western medicine case in history.
  5. And that's how you complete a Google doc
    It's not glamorous, but it's my life.