Things I Like to Do...

In no particular order
  1. Pizza
    I like to eat it, I like to look at it, I like to talk about, and I like to pretend that my taste in pizza is better than yours and that you're dumb for putting pineapple on there.
  2. Calling bluffs
    You say you will eat your hat? I'll call that bluff. Hungry enough to eat a horse? I'll call that too. Oh you're freezing? Yeah right. You're name is Kevin? Bull crap.
  3. Reading
    If you haven't read a book since high school then don't judge me.
  4. Bursting through doors
    There's a reason Kramer does it, you never know what people are doing/aren't wearing on the other side.
  5. Giving wise advice
    Exclusively about things I know nothing about. You're welcome.