These are goals I've set for myself to commit to in 2017. Some are incredibly important to me, others would just be fun to do.
  1. Static
    No soda! I don't even drink it much to begin with, but every time I go out to eat, I order soda. That can add up quickly. My dentist just told me my teeth looked better than when I came in during the summer, and I haven't been drinking soda while at college, so either stress = better teeth, or not drinking soda is actually a healthy choice.
  2. Static
    I only listened to 20-ish newly released albums this year. Next year? Listen to a new album each week. I'll have a separate ongoing list for that to keep track!
  3. Static
    I have a terrible habit of looking at an artist's setlist before I see them perform. Next year I want to go into each concert completely blind and in the dark as to what they'll play. That will really add to my enjoyment of the show.
  4. Static
    I've been meaning to for awhile, but I want to finally start that vinyl record collection I've always talked about owning. This means buying a record player. I welcome all decent quality suggestions as long as I can afford them (obviously).
  5. Static
    This past year I read the book of Luke in its entirety, making it the first book of the Bible I have ever done that for. In 2017 I want to read at least three more books from the Bible all the way through. I have a more personal goal to refrain from constantly stating my negative opinions of everything, and to try to be more positive in general. Studying a patient, loving dude like Jesus might help me accomplish that.