So many options... There's a time and place for all of these, but these are the games and order I came up with
  1. Flip cup
    Gets the whole tailgate involved. Very high energy. Creates a team bonding experience.
  2. True American
    This takes a whole night. Guaranteed brown out. You're going to want more than 5 players but less than 10. Probably my favorite game, just not versatile
  3. Rage cage
    Another great way to get the whole tailgate involved. Lots of excitement. 1 person gets fucked. Always entertaining. Only issues, people who have never played can royally fuck it up, also you'll need a good surface and good balls
  4. Beer dye
    Great day drinking game. Usually not very exciting, but a great casual afternoon hang.
  5. Corn hole
    A day drinking classic.
  6. Dizzy bat
  7. Thunderstruck
    The best way to close out a tailgate and head into the game. Everyone crushes at least a beer with this one
  8. Civil war
    A great game, just not good during parties. Balls go everywhere, people get pissed
  9. Kings cup
    Not a favorite. But a good way to start the night with a small group of people
  10. Beer pong
    Definitely not a favorite, but its the grandfather of drinking games. Good way to keep the scrubs of the party entertained