1. Can't seem to find twine
  2. Both of them got their licks in on that one
  3. They've got numbers if they move
  4. Its a two on one if they hurry
  5. The goalies got his best friend sitting right next to him
    After hitting pipe
  6. Teeter totter teeter totter back and forth baby just the way we like it
  7. Thats what those pads are for!
    After making a pad save
  8. Oh he made him zig when he should have zagged didn't he?!
  9. Puck going over the glass and a faceoff coming up... Because they can't play it where it landed
  10. This ones going to a shootout... Maybe
    When you are going into overtime
  11. Waffleboarded!
    Still have no idea what that means
  12. These teams hate each other
  13. That ones gonna be on nhl tonight
  14. "Will this be icing? Aaaand it will be! Based on the defense arriving first."
    Suggested by @logharrigan
  15. Coast to coast like butter and toast
  16. No team worth it's name is going to let the go
  17. And he is reefed!
  18. The window was wide open and he couldn't even touch the curtains
  19. and as a child of four could see, that play was offsides
    Suggested by @logharrigan