1. First game GTA
  2. First game Madden
  3. Bigga bigga bigga
  4. Bolly holly
  5. Heeyyy Mikiee
  6. Mikey shmell
  7. Been sayin it for years
  8. And wouldn't chya know it
  9. Jeff wall sucking
  10. So you take your swiss roll..
  11. This is one of my favorite books
    Referring to any book he owns
  12. Ok picture this..
    Preluding a terrible idea
  13. Oh thats still good
    Referring to food thats gone bad
  14. You're not throwing that away are you?
    Also referring to bad food
  15. What do I always tell you?
    Followed by something he's never told me
  16. You can quote me on that
  17. Are you following me?
    While explaining a ridiculous idea
  18. This place could burn to the ground and I wouldn't bat an eye
    Suggested by @wall
  19. Oh you have rawwt
    Suggested by @patsim
  20. Oh did daddy do that?
    Suggested by @wall
  21. Oh let write that one down.
    Suggested by @dirty
  22. Oh, let me write that one down
    Suggested by @dirty
  23. Here's the coup de gras
    Suggested by @djkevykev