He had a girlfriend for 5 days... Get after it
  1. Tour De France
  2. Hanukah
  3. Danny's dishes in the sink
  4. Derig being tobacco free
  5. Kim Kardashians marriage
  6. Fermentation process of Tucker's beer
  7. Toothless gone missing
  8. ABC families 25 days of Christmas
  9. Our second longest alchy bender of the semester
  10. Gallon of milk
  11. Shark week
  12. Human pregnancy
    Suggested by @wall
  13. Cezar Chavez hunger strike
  14. Derig's sobriety (9 days)
  15. A halved avocado
    Suggested by @djkevykev
  16. The gap between @patsim showers
    Suggested by @djkevykev
  17. Toyotathon
    Suggested by @wall
  18. The NBA Finals (5 Game Series)
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