We work in startup land, we love startup land - but sometimes we have to make fun of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aocZo3oeNxw
  1. Growth hacking
    Marketers marketing themselves.
  2. Pre-revenue
    Strong chance that you're broke.
  3. Big data
    "We work with data, not necessarily the big kind."
  4. In the cloud
    You have a website, congratulations.
  5. Slow burn
    "We only hire unpaid interns."
  6. Bootstrapping
    "We haven't been able to get any investors."
  7. Disrupt
    "We're building something, anything basically."
  8. Onboarding
    "Watch this sizzle reel, welcome to the club."
  9. Pivot
    Our original idea didn't work, so now we're doing something completely different.
  10. Blank for blank
    See "Twitter for dog owners"
  11. Gamification
    Adding badges to your site
  12. Organic growth/virality
    Trying to get other people to do your marketing for you.
  13. MVP
    Minimum viable product
  14. Bleeding edge
    So much better than cutting edge.
  15. Scalable
    Premature optimization.
  16. Hockey stick
    Generally unattainable growth
  17. Crushing it
    "Hey, Bob how's your startup doing?" "We're crushing it."
  18. Hackathon
    Getting people to work on stuff for free.
  19. Co-collaborate
  20. Value prop
    What you say to get investors.
  21. Ramp up