1. Alden & Harlow
    Chef Michael Scelfo's spot in Harvard Square. Want charred swordfish belly or chicken fried local rabbit? This is your place.
  2. Naco Taco
    Mr. Scelfo's new spot in Central Square. Pig's head & blood tortilla? Fermented kale? Okay, Michael.
  3. Shojo
    "Mussels in a broth fortified with lemongrass and Thai basil, part France, part Southeast Asia, fresh but familiar." - Boston Globe
  4. Sarma
    Mediterranean small plates, all that farm to table jazz.
  5. Guilia
    Fresh, classic, rustic, Italian.
  6. Spoke
    Food, wine, fun.
  7. Cuchi Cuchi
    Burlesque costumes, a tarot card reader, and cocktails like OnceUponATimeInMexico - muddled mint, jalapeño, tequila, elderflower liquor, passion fruit, pomegranate float. Woah.
  8. Shiki
    Down the stairs and around the random corner. Japanese small plates for days.