Happy Monday, ladies and gents. There's so much happening this week that we're making two lists. Here's part one:
  1. Monday - The Hussy, Nice Guys, G. Gordon Gritty, Miss
    "Yet another freaktastic blast of pure gold rock at ZUZU with Wisconsin trashaholic The Hussy spitting venomous riffs with Boston primo party punks Nice Guys, shambling slimeball G. Gordon Gritty and new band Miss keeping the pop slip flowing." Chris Collins http://bit.ly/1FF3r1j
  2. Monday - Hespèrion XXI
    "The Boston Early Music Festival is here! One of the the most beautiful acts has to be Jordi Savall, the gambist who has been making people fall in love with the sound-world of this archaic instrument for what feels like a half century. Here he's pairing up with a Mexican baroque ensemble to examine the roots of "La Follia" one of early music's essential tunes. It will be hot." - Sarah Darling http://bit.ly/1MChp8Y
  3. Monday - USWNT v. Australia
    Okay, this one's a stretch. But we guarantee if you walk into any bar tonight, this game will be on. Our suggestion? Parlor Sports in Inman Square.
  4. Tuesday - The Monteverdi Trilogy: Poppea
    "BEMF's big project is always a sumptuous, perfect, meticulously researched opera that truly exploits the techniques of an earlier time while hitting us in a fresh way. Monteverdi's three operas kinda define the beginning of all opera ever and are thus a big deal. "Poppea" is full of the most sensual 17th-century Italian writing; you can hear the heady new experiments with music and words literally sizzling off the page." - Sarah Darling http://bit.ly/1FF3REU
  5. Wednesday - G.R., Dog, Soft Eyes, Magic Shoppe
    "Psychedelic showcase for daisy gazers this night at Deep Thoughts record store. Magic Shoppe and Soft Eyes take you for a scenic trip before French burnout G.R. takes you down the wicked rabbit hole and out the other side where slammers DOG finish you fragile sense of reality off for good." - Chris Collins http://bit.ly/1MCnmCQ
  6. Friday - Hillary Reynolds Band
    "I'm excited to see that As The Sparrow is releasing more music — their "In A Box" EP hooked me instantly with it's folk-swing jubilance, exceptionally strong songwriting, and upbeat melancholy. Their live show is boisterous and energetic and this ones celebrates the release of a second EP, 'The Otherside.'" - Mali Sastri http://bit.ly/1cGZuRG
  7. Friday - Musica Pacifica
    "My favorite Boston Early Music festival jam is the 11 PM concert set. Late night baroque music, in a "safe space" chock full of other performance-practice nerds that are out past their bedtimes, creates a wonderful, intimate, party atmosphere that I adore. Music Pacifica's program, "Dancing in the Isles" bridges the gap between baroque and folk. (Hint: There was a whole lot of non-classical music going on back then, too.)" http://bit.ly/1MCgiGn