1. Jack Garratt | Fri Feb 26
    "From the start of his musical career, Garratt has been a one-man band, playing the guitar, drums and keyboard all himself — often at the same time." This show is sold out but fear not, he'll be back in Boston in June. http://www.npr.org/2016/02/19/467105781/on-his-debut-album-phase-jack-garratt-shakes-off-inhibition
  2. Searching for Signal | Feb 26 - March 4
    "Searching for Signal is a contemporary theater experience that captures an authentic slice of life in this fast-changing world. Follow two dreamers as they trek through a world of misconnections and struggle to separate their virtual identities from who they really are." http://trill.me/event/searching-for-signal-1/
  3. 1984 | Feb 27 - March 6
    "This version of 1984 by UK-based Headlong is really well-staged/designed/acted/thought out, but they don't stay away from making the audience uncomfortable - in fact, I think it's a goal..." - Kim Holman http://trill.me/event/1984-1/
  4. Eat Belgian-style fries & waffles at Saus | anytime
    We shouldn't have to convince you to do this. http://www.sausboston.com/
  5. Junior Classics, Future Generations, Everything and Everyone, Day Grazer | Sat Feb 27
    This is a solid indie-rock lineup put together by local booker & promoter Lysten Boston. https://www.facebook.com/events/484481145057380/
  6. Original Gravity Series: David Cucchiara | Sun Feb 28
    "A creative concept: pair the music of local New England composers with local beer for a concert at a local brewery." - Mali Sastri http://trill.me/event/original-gravity-concert-series-david-cucchiara-1/
  7. The Flux Quartet | Sun Feb 28
    "This is what you might call an EVENT. Morton Feldman's second string quartet is six hours long; uninterrupted. The Flux Quartet was the first group to perform it, and had to develop an entirely new set of techniques to make it work. They pretty much hand in the defining performance, and now it's coming to Boston. If you're the meditative type, this performance might just change your life!" - Sarah Darling http://trill.me/event/the-flux-quartet-morton-feldman-string-quartet-no-2-1/
  8. Hermitude | Tues March 1
    Tuesday may not be the weekend... but this Australian hip-hop/electronic duo is worth mentioning.