1. Check out The Rising
  2. Della Mae - Thurs Jan 21
  3. Merce Cunningham's Changeling - Thurs Jan 21st - Sun 24th
    "File this under "things you shouldn't miss". The ICA's Black Mountain College exhibit is an exciting glimpse into interdisciplinary art history. During the exhibit's closing weekend Silas Riener will perform Changeling, a 1957 piece by modern dance great Merce Cunningham that hasn't been performed since 1964, in the museum's gallery space." - Kim Holman http://trill.me/event/excerpts-of-work-by-merce-cunningham-1/
  4. Disgraced - Thurs Jan 21st - Sun Feb 7
    "High-powered New York lawyer Amir has climbed the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his Muslim roots. When he and his wife Emily host a dinner party, what starts a friendly conversation escalates, shattering their views on race, religion, and each other." http://trill.me/event/disgraced-1/#allperformances
  5. Alessia Cara - Fri Jan 22nd
  6. Quarterly + Longshoremen + Ryan Lee Cosby/Rob Noyes Duo - Fri Jan 22nd
  7. Gracie & Rachel - Sat Jan 23rd
    "Brooklyn-via-Berkeley piano-and-violin duo Gracie and Rachel open for Julien Baker, building and layering haunting chamber pop songs on top of the simplicity of sometimes just two or three chords." - Mali Sastri http://trill.me/event/julien-baker-1/
  8. Rhonda Rider - Sun Jan 24th
    "Ever since the first time I heard her (back in high school!) I've been moved by Rhonda Rider's quiet, warm, intellectually honest expression. To my ear, she always sounds as though she's having a respectful discussion with the piece of music she's playing - and in return, the work shows her some of its secret special properties." - Sarah Darling http://trill.me/event/string-masters-series-rhonda-rider-cello-1/