1. Thursday - Handel and Haydn Sings
    "The H+H Society's choir produces one of the most immensely gorgeous sounds in this town - or anywhere; clear yet voluptuous, capable of the most intricate counterpoint or the most intimate affect." - Sarah Darling http://bit.ly/1dMPBCL
  2. Thursday - Shit-faced Shakespeare
    "Professional actors performing A Midsummer Night's Dream, and one of them is completely drunk." - Marissa Rae Roberts http://bit.ly/1d4tYgB
  3. Thursday - Pixies
    T.T. the Bear's Place is closing, and the Pixies want to celebrate this iconic Boston club with one final show. Tickets are $55 and are on sale at the Orpheum Theatre box office. If you're in Boston, get there. http://bit.ly/1CfIFEe
  4. Friday - Trill Presents: AcousticaElectronica
    "Experience opera singers, aerialists, live musicians, dancers, and DJ's all under one roof while drinking and dancing the night away." - Marissa Rae Roberts http://bit.ly/1erCqrJ
  5. Friday - Smash it Dead Fest
    "This three day festival is chock full of nasty punk bands of all stripes, from both near and far." - Chris Collins
  6. Saturday - Adès: Powder Her Face
    "This opera, the centerpiece of Odyssey's British Invasion, is so many things. Superduper hard. Scandalous. Sexy. Oh heck, NSFW." - Sarah Darling http://bit.ly/1QFwyMA
  7. Saturday - Aeronaut Turns One
    Aeronaut Brewery is turning one, and their weekend long party in Somerville is full of food, music, and a special can release. Sounds like a party. www.aeronautbrewing.com/events/
  8. Sunday - Blonde Redhead
    "Blonde Redhead have a signature sound that I find immensely pleasing: haunting, wistful, and melancholy just as it is driving, edgy, and unsettled." - Mali Sastri http://bit.ly/1H1H9gp http://bit.ly/1d4u0Fb