1. Friday - Club d'Elf
    "It's hard to go wrong with Club D'elf, who've been playing every-other-Friday night at the Lizard Lounge for years. It's pretty much like sitting in on a jam session among some of the highest caliber musicians in the area. It tends to be groovy — but as much for the brain as for the body. Tonight features special guest Ed Mann, a former Zappa percussionist." - Mali Sastri http://bit.ly/1M0l4zU
  2. Friday - Dancing in the Streets: Bosoma Dance Company
    "Bosoma headlines Somerville Arts Council's very last Dancing in the Streets concert. The company's new piece, The Pursuit, Quanta, Lost It To Trying, Ex-Pired, explores what it is to be human in a fast-paced work-focused world full of technology. If you're looking for a show full of athletically impressive contemporary dance, get yourself to Foss Park by the time dark falls on Saturday night." - Kim Holman http://bit.ly/1HkS4Pj
  3. Saturday - Bharti Kher: Not All Who Wander Are Lost
    "Bharti Kher is the sixth artist-in-residence invited to create a temporary site-specific work for the Museum’s façade. Kher's project reflects on maritime travel, highlighted by her interest in mapping and typography and references the migration of people in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Kher uses bindis, a popular forehead decoration worn by women in India, to map demographic movement in an abstract way." http://bit.ly/1JURmfo
  4. Saturday - JP Porchfest
    "This all day, free-form neighborhood showcase was imported from Somerville, but feels right at home in Jamaica Plains fertile music-friendly landscape. Stroll around this gorgeous green landscape and you'll sure to bound upon some hidden musical gems, some more polished than others." - Chris Collins http://bit.ly/1JURmfn
  5. Sunday - Ludovic Morlot
    "Seems like yesterday when Ludovic was an immensely beloved assistant conductor at NEC. Now he's sitting pretty with the Seattle Symphony, celebrating its first GRAMMY win with John Luther Adams's hypnotic "Become Ocean." He's up at Tanglewood with another John Luther Adams piece — the utterly radiant "The Light that Fills the World.'" - Sarah Darling http://bit.ly/1TqH9ZM