Duchess Fluffigans Von Sassypants in all her glory

She's had QUITE the exciting weekend, you can tell by all the napping.
  1. Chilling on the enclosed porch
    The second the weather is nice enough she's out.
  2. NOT sharing her stroller with her sister
    Sassy was NOT happy with Xhexania sitting in her stroller
  3. Always watching
    She climbs to the top of the tree house and judges me
  4. Quick nap
    Gathering her energy for a trip to Riverfest
  5. Recovery nap
    So many people ..she needed a rest
    She was a big fan
  7. The Princess and the Pea
    Royalty deserves pillows
  8. Face plant
    All the time.
  9. Surrender
    She sleeps with reckless abandon