A list of probably not so interesting things about me
  1. I have an amazing 22 year old daughter who is a major inspiration for me. She's incredibly talented and refuses to give up on her dreams.
  2. I was an empty nester at 37 when my kid left for college. My boyfriend recently loved in so I'm back to sharing my space.
  3. I have several chronic and life threatening medical issues. But I refuse to let them dictate how I live my life.
  4. I like to write. Short stories are my favorite, I'm also lucky enogh to write for a living ...but not the shirt stories. More technical documentation., but I love it.
  5. Cooking is a recently emerging passion. Good thing I have someone here to taste test my experiments.
  6. I live in the middle of nowhere. In the corner of PA ...with the WV birder just up the street. No worries about raccoons or squirrels, what with the coyotes and bobcats