Preparing for a Grand Adventure with the Duchess

This weekend is River Fest here in the Point. Duchess Fluffigans Von Sassypants and I will be venturing down to the river (basically down in the back yard) to participate in the festivities.
  1. Lots of walking
    There's no reason to drive to riverfest. We walk down the dirt road, cross the street and we're there. Then we wander around as long as we want and come home.
  2. Lap of luxury
    Well, I do all the walking. Sassy rides in her stroller, like the royalty she is.
  3. Meeting new people
    Riverfest is always full of fun and interesting people. Sassy is usually very friendly and popular but sometimes a Duchess needs a break.
  4. Avoiding THE DOGS
    Dogs are fascinated by the stroller. Not helpful for a 3.5 pound kitty. So I've attacheda No Dog signs to her carriage.
  5. Hideaway
    Sassy gets overwhelmed and scared at times so shr has a small box in the back of the carriage to hide in if she needs it.
  6. Junk food
    Hello faire food. Goodbye diet. Corn dogs, funnel cakes, lemonade. Oh yes please
  7. The walk back
    This hill kills me every time.
  8. Local music
    Local bands are the best. I adore them so much.
  9. Fireworks
    By this time Sassy will be safely tucked away and hiding under the bed. I'll be freaking out, forcing myself to watch them from the backyard because I refuse to let a phobia control me.