1. It's super easy
    If you can count to in can teach you some basic dances.
  2. It's a bonding experience
    Whether it's friends, family (tonight it's Daughter time ..a rarety) or strangers ...you'll be talking to someone.
  3. Wiggling you tail
    Come on...wiggling your tail in front of sexy people ..what better way to flirt.
  4. It's awesome exercise
    We've been here for an hour and I'm already wore out. Hahaha I'll pay for it tomorrow but it's so much fun
  5. Free Drinks
    Wiggle hard enough and someone is bound to buy you a round.
  6. It angers the doctors
    Ok..this one is probably just me. This level of activity angers my doctors...it makes my cardio implant work so much harder.. screw it. Challenge is good.
  7. Ye haw