no clue why they called them vampire tacos
  1. Might be all the garlic
    6 cloves for the marinade. 4 for the sauce. 2 for the pico
  2. It's a steak taco
    On steroids. The steak marinated 8 hours
  3. Not just tortillas ...cheese quesidilla
    Your heard me. A Cheese quesidilla instead of just a flour tortilla
  4. The sauce .... omg
    Mayo, garlic, Chipotle chiles, salt. This sauce will be a new staple in the house
  5. Fresh pico
    I don't do anything half way store bought pico for me
  6. I should have used half a tortilla
    TOO BIG for my tiny appetite.
  7. Again and Again
    Yeah, we'll be having this A LOT. Thanks Tasty