The most amazing person I know

This is Samantha ...Aka Sami ....AKA Rae Vynn Macabre. And I am a bragging mom
  1. She is so smart
    She picks up on anything and everything she wants to learn. And she excels at it.
  2. She is incredibly passionate
    Everything she does she tackles with 170%
  3. Talent beyond measure
    She's a formally trained, professional special effects makeup artist (Tusk, Fear Clinic) and haunted house actor
  4. She LOVES sports
    Go Pens! She plays sports, watches sports and does a lot of yelling at sports.
  5. Published
    She's a published model in several alternative magazines
  6. Freak
    In the best way. She is co-owner of Bord de Morte freakshow. She allows people to staple money to her body (which I think is SO awesome) I almost posted a picture of that ...but it shows a lot of skin and I didn't want to shock you too much.
  7. Incredibly Strong
    Her physical and emotional strength blows me away.
  8. I'm the luckiest mom on the planet.