yeap, I'm a sickie. No, that's not a derogatory word, it's just a fact. Some years are better than others ..this is not one of the better years.
  1. People saying "you don't look sick." Yeah, that's because I don't leave the house on the really bad days. I put on makeup, do my hair and fake my way as a normal person. Sorry I don't match your definition of what terminally I'll person should look like.
  2. Having to over think every trip. I need to make sure there is a hospital with a dialysis center near by. I have to stop regularly on road trips. Food is always an issue.
  3. The energy hangover. When I push too hard, I feel it the next day. I feel like a drank a bottle of vodka. Headache, nausea, drymouth, lathargy. All the effects of a day long hangover without the party. The Spoon Theroy. It's a thing. Look it up.
  4. Overbearing, overprotective loved ones. They mean well, please don't get me wrong. They bare trying to look out for my best interests. However ... hearing "you should not do that" or "maybe you should rest a while" gets old. Quick. I know my limits. I'll push them. You need to let me.