it's hockey by the way. not basketball. This is at home behavior, you should see me in person.
  1. Sit still
    I pace. And fidget and pace some more. I sit too but I still fidget
  2. Relax
    Hahahahha it's playoffs. Hell, I can't even relax during regular season games
  3. Speak nicely
    I yell plays and yell at the players when they don't listen. I yell at the opposing team, the coaches, the announcers. And I may have said something nasty to the fan i saw texting during game play.
  4. Breathe
    Nope. I'll breathe when the game is over
  5. Drink too much
    In don't want to have to pee during play. Might miss something.
  6. See the cats
    They, literally run for the bedroom when they hear the National Anthem.