What happens in my living room during hockey Playoffs

Life is on hold until June
  1. NHL 24/7
    Games, highlights, analysis ... I almost feel guilty that boyfriend doesn't get to watch anything he's interested in. Almost.
  2. Yelling
    There is a lot of yelling. I'm an excellent coach.
  3. GET IN THE %×£=£÷% BOX
    I have a fundamental issue with goalies who don't stay in the crease. They get reprimanded often.
  4. Are you kidding me
    Bad calls, good calls (even if I do agree ...If it's a stupid mistake), close plays...it's my favorite phrase.
  5. If you don't try .....
    You'll never score. SHOOT THE PUCK
    Hit hard, hit often. Just don't hit my boys.
  7. Don't be injured, don't be injured.
    I don't mind guys getting rough, even hurt. But I hate injuries on either side. I just don't want guys to not be able to play the game they love.
  8. Yaaaawwwnnnn
    These late games suck when you have to work in the morning.
  9. Ps...GO PENS
    All the way!!