This is a list of things, some of them being odd, that I really dislike!!
  1. Dwayne the Rock Johnson
    Horrible actor and not attractive
  2. The edges of hamburgers
    Too crunchy
  3. Ketchup
    Nasty condiment
  4. Country music
    Ear rape
  5. Lasagna
    My least favorite food
  6. Timed games
    I don't like to be pressured or stressed while playing a game
  7. Prepubescent quiet awkward voices
    I'm sorry it's just annoying
  8. Intense animal lovers
    This one is mainly directed at horse lovers
  9. Movies about animals
    They all have the same plot and are boring
  10. Sandwiches
    I don't like my food touching or combined.
  11. Wide thumbs
    Some guys have really wide thumbs and it grosses me out
  12. Nipples
    Also grosses me out
  13. The backs of necks
    Some guys are attractive from the front but then can look weird from behind with a weird hair like or thick neck
  14. Ancestry braggers
    I don't care if your 1/16 Cherokee or 2/7 black.
  15. Loud noises
    Fireworks are not my fortay
  16. Blondes with facial hair
    It just doesn't look right. Ever.
  17. Safe and sound
    One of the most annoying songs on the planet
  18. Die hard feminists
    We aren't better than men... we are equal.
  19. Taylor Swift/ Ed Sheeran
    Never liked either of their music
  20. Crosswalks
    Too stressful
  21. On a date kinda nervous
    Stop saying this
  22. Chipped nail polish
    If your nail polish is chipping off it ruins your whole outfit and we might not even be able to be friends ever again
  23. Pink camo
    That pink camo fleece jacket or phone case that belongs to EVERY hick girl. Be original hicks come on.
  24. Wings on pads
    What's the point they just get in the way and make it 15 times harder to put in your underwear
  25. Spelling errors on tv captions
    Deaf people could get confused!!!
  26. Meshed baseball caps
    What's the point they are ugly
  27. No hole baseball caps (fitted)
    No hole in the back just looks weird man