A list of things I just really love in life
  1. Shirley temples
    Will forever and always be my favorite soft drink
  2. Jalapeño poppers
    The food that trumps all food
  3. Psychological thrillers
    No jumpscares, just a thriller revolving around the brain
  4. Lost
    The greatest show to ever come on television
  5. Sambas
    The shoe brand I've had since I was 10 and refuse to change
  6. Somewhere over the rainbow- Iz Kamakawiwo
    My favorite song from childhood, I plan to get married to it
  7. Movie marathons
    Taking a break from life to watch movies all day is one of the best things ever
  8. Really good ball point pens, or fine tip sharpies
    Nothing feels as good as a great writing flow
  9. Puerta Vallarta
    My favorite resteraunt with the best jalapeño poppers
  10. Little gifts from friends
    Cliche but knowing someone thought about me while I wasn't with them makes me so happy
  11. Random check in texts
    When someone asks "how's life?" Just to check in. It's nice to know when people care
  12. Acoustic covers of rap songs
    Yeah it's a thing and it's awesome.
  13. Cheesecake
    The best dessert
  14. Norwegian Cruise Line
    Where all my best memories were made
  15. Zumba
    The only way to excersize that's fun
  16. Childish gambino lyrics
    All his lyrics are so clever and often make me laugh
  17. The great gatsby
    Fantastic book and amazing movie
  18. Daisy Buchanan
    I aspire to be beautiful and rich (basic I know)
  19. Perfect noses
    I've probably analysed your nose and have an opinion on it.
  20. Red black and white color scheme
    Basically my room decor now
  21. Red lipstick
    Adds so much sass to a look
  22. Peanut butter
    I'm actually a peanut butteraholic
  23. Nice watches
    The best way to complete an outfit is hands down a watch... boys or girls. Especially guys;)
  24. Gold
    Gold anything. Gold sparkles, gold nail polish, gold jewelry.
  25. Words with friends
    An app I've had for almost 10 years and actually have a chance at beating you
  26. Bread bowls
    Why use a normal bowl when you can put your soup in freakin bread?!
  27. Jellyfish
    My favorite animal
  28. Party hats
    Idk why but I always wanna buy party hats even when it's not someone's birthday
  29. Office supplies
    Staples is my weakness don't let me in there
  30. Goofy laughs
  31. Flying saucer styrofoam candies
    They taste like eating styrofoam and 99% of the population hates them and I can't get enough of them
  32. Stand up comedy
    I feel like a lone wolf in the love for stand up comedians
  33. The smell of these balls
    Reminds me of my childhood