1. a pic from the most recent music video I directed for the wonderful FIRE CHIEF CHARLIE
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  2. This is a pig from the Internet.
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    My husband found this after I called someone a "Bae of Pigs." He asked me if this was she.
  3. One of my bffs told me he missed Lisa Frank in his life.
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    I sent him this pic because it was necessary.
  4. This is Warren Beat-y. I love him.
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  5. This puppy does not approve of what you're wearing.
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  6. I stacked some rocks in Kauai.
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    Then the ocean ate these sunnies.
  7. My amazing nephew, Joey.
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  8. A pile of children I found.
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  9. This muffin smiled at me.
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    It was not manipulated to do so.
  10. 4 of the most awesome people in this solar system.
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    g and I with two of our Besties