I'm usually pretty happy, but there are some challenges:
  1. Working with children.
  2. Should I wear a different shirt or did I hire the wrong people?
  3. Get that stunned look off your face- that 50 mm will give me ceiling and the 85mm won't, so close your mouth before a hummingbird flies in and chokes you.
  4. Being asked "if I'm sure..."
    I'm SURE there are 30 people I can find to replace you in ten minutes.
  5. Did that PA just move that light?
  6. What's this shadow here?
  7. Boom in! Still in. Sorry that you had an arm day yesterday, but get that shadow out of my shot.
  8. Why isn't there coffee?
  9. There are so few women.
  10. If that cam op checks out my tits one more time...
  11. The sun was out 10 minutes ago. Where the fuck is the sun.
  12. Explaining eyeline to the pretty people
  13. There are no clouds. Cancel the timelapse.
  14. Why does he look like he has hypothermia. Makeup!
  15. Can't anyone else see those pants don't fit him? Wardrobe?
  16. Do we have "insert name of actor?"
  17. "You're ten minutes behind schedule."
    Tell me when I'm twenty.
  18. "You're twenty minutes behind schedule."
  19. I just said FUCK in front of that child again. Fuck.
  20. "Where's Dennis?"
    Craft Services
  21. Union break.
  22. Working with animals.
    Can I get some one in to help with this pee puddle?
  23. Are we speeding?
  24. Electric! Fuck.
  25. Do you hear that? What is that?
  26. Hold for plane!