Puppies in and around Ecuador. There are so many dogs here, and I love them. Some are semi-wild, loving
  1. French Bull Dog a nuestra hacienda
    We had an amazing few days at a hacienda in Puembo, and this Frenchie and I fell in love. He waited outside my door in the morning, accompanied me on trails and thoroughly bothered the husby with his constant gargling.
  2. He was really great.
  3. This Goldie
    Just outside Yungilla, this dog lies on the road. She's blind. ALL of the cars drive around her.
  4. Just sunbathing IN THE ROAD.
  5. This Defender of the Line
    Just outside Cloud Forest. Yeah, it's beautiful here.
  6. I MEAN: WHAT!?
    This dog was so cute, I cried. He was on a sustainable farm in Nanegalyto.
  7. I'm pretty sure this one has seen some shit.
  8. And this one could fuck you up.
  9. But he doesn't feel like it right now
  10. This one ❤️s butts.
  11. Not ashamed.